Our Company

Our estate is located in the southern part of Ruttàrs, one of the sunniest and most attractive areas of Collio, which is famous for the quality of its wines and the beauty of its scenery. The way we manage our vineyards, the style of our wines and the welcome we give to those who visit our wine cellar all reflect our passion for this land; so beautiful and precious thanks to the quality of the grapes it offers and the nature it displays.
That is why it has always been the aim of our family to understand and make the most of everything that this hill has to offer, and pass it on, with feeling, to those who are curious to learn about the true spirit of this precious land.

Seven hectares of vineyards, with good exposure to the south, offer 30 thousand bottles a year: the care we take of the vines is expressed in wines that perfectly reflect the land they come from. Our family personally handles all the stages of the production process, from pruning the vines to making the wine, with the aim of bringing to your wine glass not just excellent wines, but also the passion and love that we feel for this small oenological paradise at the heart of Collio.

You are always welcome to taste our wines, have a walk in the vineyard or visit the cellar. If you have particular requests, please contact us befor coming. (open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).